Our principles & guidelines

This is not your ordinary commercial festival. Far from it. This is our festival, totally DIY, and we do things according to the following:


This festival is an opportunity to express yourself in the wonderful setting of Fort Gorgast. We encourage everyone to GET CREATIVE: Wear costumes, build a tree house, put on a show, conduct a ceremony, have a feast. Anything you want!


An essential for us to be able to have good fun together is mutual respect. We respect one another and the work people put in to making the festival, we respect people’s property and boundaries and we respect our host: Fort Gorgast and it’s wonderful nature.


We come together as friends to celebrate and create the festival. We bring what we can and need, we contribute, we help one another, we look out for one another and we work together. If you feel in tune with these ideas, and if you like good music, camping, nature, fun and fancy dress and more fun, come join us! (cause it’s fun)


• Pick up your shit! Or better yet, don’t drop it! Remember: There is NO ONE to clean up after you, so be sure to clean up after yourself (even in the toilets).

• No swimming in the moat. Seriously. No swimming in the moat. Why? 1. It belongs to the fisherman, and we like him. 2. It’s dangerous.

• NO, NO, NO, NO, NO fire, except in the fire baskets and over concrete.

• Quiet time is between 10:00 and 16:00. Why? So you’ll be a at full strength come nighttime.

• As well as the fisherman and his family who live on the site there will be tourists visiting during the day on Saturday and Sunday. Please give them space and keep your crazy antics away from them.

• Use more caution than you would at any other festival, especially at night and when intoxicated. The site is very dark and can be dangerous (5m drops to concrete, steep craters, WWII metal debris in water).

• The gate is locked at 1 am. If you want to enter or leave, do so before.

• If it’s not yours – don’t touch (without asking). Just like in real life.