Getting there and packing list

For those taking the train, first head to Lichtenberg station and then take the regional train from there. Note to cyclists: Bicycles are allowed on the train but at a very limited capacity! Timetables are here:


Fort Gorgast is easy to get to from Berlin by car (an hour and 20 minutes or so) as well.

Here’s the walk from the station to the fort:


What to bring

Pretty essential:
– Camping gear
– A flashlight (your phone won’t do!)
– Mosquito repellant, sunscreen
– a bag for trash
– Cash for food, drink, etc.

Good idea to have:
– Some food, also food for the feast on Friday night
– Your own cup, plate, fork, knife, etc.’… (Because you love the environment)
– Pieces of cloth (for sitting, laying, anything!)
– a portable ashtray, if you smoke
– basic meds
– costumes!
– paints, musical instruments,
– small change (for buying drinks and food)
– More costumes!
– Anything you want to share with your friends (not herpes)