Get Involved

Together we are Festherum.
We want and need YOU to get involved and together we will create the forest festival you’ve always dreamed of.
We have sooo much space to fill: Trees, Paths and valleys, green hills, spooky tunnels and wooden huts…

Would you like to create a space or build something magical for others to discover and enjoy? What would you like to do, how much and what kind of space do you need? Please get in touch by filling in this form.

Dancing under the stars and trees or daytime fiddling… want your favourite music at Gorgast? Opening rituals, baptisms, group meditations… perhaps you’re pals with some gregorian monks… we need them, and you. Get in touch by sending us the details here.

Would you like to bring and run a food or non-alcoholic drink stand? We would love that coz we love food 🙂
Please send this info and someone will be in touch with you.

New to festherum? Don’t have time to plan anything but want to get involved while you’re there? Looking for a nice way to get to know your fellow forest creatures? We want and need your helping hands. As a token of appreciation we’ll be handing out drink vouchers. Contact us here for general volunteering, or if you’d like to help with running the bar sign up here.