Here we go again…






One of the central pillars of our kult is based around food… and the sensual rituals of eating & drinking together. You will not need to pack all your own food, there will be very reasonably priced food available throughout the fest. Including: coffee, kuchen, hummus, dips and spreads, salads and even stew. And even pizza! There is also a restaurant just outside the fort, where the charming fisherman and his wife serve up very tasty fish.

If you choose to bring your own food, there will be an open grill available but there are no open kitchen facilities.

You are also free to bring your own drinks, but drinks of all sorts will be available to buy throughout each night.

It’s a great idea to bring eating tools, depending on your style… silver platters, chopsticks, forks, hands… etc.

On Friday evening we will have a communal picnic:

FEAST of the 1st DUSK!!! On Friday evening, before sun sets, we will gather to celebrate the beginnings of Waldkultum with a communal picnic feast on the hills of Gorgast. Join us for this rite of passage and bring along:
Some food and drinks to consume, share and scrifice. Some offerings for the God of Grill as we have a big BBQ. A blanket or two to sit on and chill AND a plate, fork and cup. We will gather in the cenral yards of the lower city to witness the opening ceremony and then form a procession up to the picnic plateau. May the food be with us!!!


A message from Gregor: Guys! Im trying to put together a little space for jammings. Please bring an instrument, no matter how small, big, ugly, rotten, accoustic or electric, alive or dead, from China or America.

Those who don’t bring one will need to sing. Naked.

When Life is Young: a collection of verse for boys and girls

Sorry, the Waldkultum is no longer accepting new members. We have reached full capacity.




On Friday evening as the sun starts to set we will gather to feast and lavishly celebrate the joyful coming together of the Waldkultum. There will be a big grill available for us all to use (also throughout the weekend), so please do bring something decadent to eat, drink and share. A picnic blanket and your own dishes will also come in handy.

Waldkultum: rites, rituals and sacraments…

Our theme for festherum this year is waldkultum… Like any good kult it is up to our devoted members to engage in the exalted practices of whatever rites and rituals they choose. Pack your sacred garments and lotus staffs. Or your wedding dress. How about a graduation… or perhaps a coronation? The forest will guide you. Calling all certificate signers, musicians, marching bands, people of the cloth, circumcisers, exorcists, officiators and dryads… this is going to be a ceremony that you will never forget. Let us know what you’re planning, and we’ll let you know how we can help.






Just make sure you join our waldkult

Our beautiful space

For a few magical days Fort Gorgast will be our home… here are some more images to inspire your imagination. If you have something you are planning to make or do during our fest and you will need appropriate space, please tell us about it sooner rather than later.