About Festherum by Drumherum

An out and indoor DIY camping-dancing-picknick-festival party at Fort Gorgast from June 5th to 8th, celebrating creativity, love, nature, music fun! Festherum is brought to you by the merry troupe who you may already know from drumherum.

This is a non-commercial, non-profit private festival for friends. If you want to be a friend contact us and we’ll send you a confirmation.

We are NOT SELLING TICKETS, but we still do need your support to make this happen! You’ll get all the details about how to support when you send an email.

We believe in generosity, participation, respect for one another and for nature, as well as all the other hippy stuff you can think of. The festival offers food, drinks, DJ’s, swings, workshops, camping, wunderwald, and whatever else you create…

As friends, we believe in openness and trust. So if you want to know more, or if you want to know what our budget is and how we plan to use your donations, just ask us at the same email address. We’re happy to let you in on it all!